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Frozen Fire (English, with Alexis Band)

The 12 songs going on the album have now been selected. The band is working on the songs in our studio. The album can be expected somewhere in Spring.

Tracks in alphabetical order: Answer me, Believe, Darkened Skies, Happy People, I Wanna Get Loud, Living on a Deadline, Sunshine, Supposed to Be, The River, The Stranger, Wait for my Dreams, Why Have You Gone?

Quelques éclats de lumière (in French, with Alexis Band)

The first songs with resoluterly more of a rock accent. Songwriting is not finished, but going forward at a steady pace. The song titled Les miroirs looks like a fan's favorite!

Tracks to this day : Les miroirs, Percer le mur, Quelques éclats de lumière, Que les fleurs se fanent et Tout le monde debout!

Carpe Noctem: saisir la nuit (Eric Alexis & studio musicians)

This album was launched before the Alexis Band was formed. It's Eric Alexis' first album after his graduation from École nationale de la chanson de Granby and his first experience with a producer (Gerry Bribosia)... This album is more pop rock, with influences from blues, sometimes folk, sometimes progressive... Notice that the song titled Flammes vivantes, composed at École nationale de la chanson, found it's way on the album by general demand... Also noteworthy is the participation of Jean-François Aubin, aka Mutator, on the track titled Flow.

Tracks : Approche un peu [3:47], Les bannières [3:53], Brûle [2:51], Écho [3:16], Flammes vivantes [3:28], La lumière de tes yeux [3:21], Pour que le ciel [3:21], Flow (Ressentir le flot) [3:54], Salut [3:09], Ma belle sirène [3:36], Le vent [3:25] et Carpe Noctem [3:27].


The band also enjoys covers on stage. Here are but a few: Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf), Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash), Hard to Handle (Black Crowes), Hymne de nos campagnes (Tryo), Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots), Lonely Day (System of a Down), No One Knows (Queen of the Stone Age), Rock 'n' Roll (Led Zeppelin) Santeria (Sublime) et Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones).

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