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Band composed of musicians following singer-songwriter Eric Alexis, contributing to the arrangements, recording on the album and being on stage. Formerly known as Eric Alexis FullBand, the band now operates as Alexis Band. The band is comprised of: Eric Alexis, Julien Carpentier, Mike Maurice and Guy Raymond.

Eric Alexis (rythm guitar and vocals)

Singer-songwriter, Eric Alexis has been writing songs since the very first time he held a guitar in his hands. For three years, he was part of l'ensemble vocal Carpe Diem (choir). It's director Frédéric Vogel, (who also directs Radio-Canada's radio choir) decides to arrange two of his songs for choir. Thus The River, then Chercher à vivre will be performed at the end of year shows with the choir as back vocals.

In 2005, he meets Jean-François Aubin (Mutator) who produces his first demo (the songs Et pourtant and The River) at Studiorange in Montréal. While looking for information on the Internet, he discovers l'École nationale de la chanson de Granby. Robert Léger (Beau Dommage), the school's director, offers him a spot in the program, three weeks before the start of classes, on the merit of his texts only!

After completing his training in 2006, Eric Alexis becomes lighting technician at the Cabaret de Granby, where he'll work for some of the greatest: The Respectables, Plume Latraverse, France D'Amour, etc. It's a major opportunity to see the best in action on stage and will be a great source of inspiration for him. It's also through the now defunct Productions CSK that he will meet Gerry Bribosia (co-producer of the first album). After the Cabaret's forclosure, Eric Alexis is recruited by Robert Goyette to operate lights and sound for a summer theater play at the Théâtre des Tournesols.

In 2008, it's his turn: launch of his first album at l'Urbain, before over seventy people having spent 15$ to see the first show of the tour, a feet never seen for an album launch! Since then, supported by the Alexis Band, Eric Alexis develops his voice with tones that are much more rock and writes songs that take into account all the power a band can bring to texts.

Julien Carpentier (bass guitar)

The band's bassist, Julien Carpentier, is a true "quiet force" upon which we can always count when it comes to making music. Fun-loving, full of energy and always tongue in cheek, he's always holding back …except on stage!

Great fan of Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Portishead, The Who, Genesis et Yes, Julien Carpentier appreciates songs with strong melodic structures and refined musicianship. Inspired by all kinds of music, from jazz to blues by way of classical, he mixes those ingredients to create a quite personal mix, going from calm flows to staccato notes. He plays as well with his fingers than with a pick, which is rare for a bassist. With meeting Eric Alexis' a more rock, more assertive quality emerges.

Julien Carpentier comes from a "musical family": one might say he was born with music! In cegep, he participates in cégep en spectacles with a band called Boréal that reaches the nationals, becoming the opening act for Coboys Fringuants at the Musique en vue festival!

Julien Carpentier and Eric Alexis met through mutual aquaintances, a few weeks before a show. His motivation and the speed at which he learned the songs allowed him to join the stage immediatly.

Mike Maurice (drums and percussions)

Mike Maurice is the band's drummer and percussionist. With his mischievous twinkle, we know he's always got an idea in mind, ready to perform the next prank! Smiling, a ladies' man, Mike is most of all a hard working musician who gives his all in his energetic and sometimes fiery percussions.

Mike grew up with 70's music, with which he developed his musical taste: The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Supertramp and Janis Joplin. It was the era of partys and camp fires. Later on, he discovers Les Colocs. Thanks to this band, he discovers that in Quebec – not only in the United-States – we can also make great music. His father, also a drummer, had a drum set at home. Mike was immediatly attracted to this instrument.

His first trials are made with earphones on his head, playing along with everything on the radio. In High School, music classes are spent on drums. Towards 14 or 15 years old, he starts his first band with a bunch of friends. This is all that was needed to start a passion which continues to this day: searching for those magical moments where a song gives goose bumps, this great electrical surge that runs through the whole body.

Mike has a very expressive style that highlights every nuance of a song. One will feel the influence of punk-rock, with a side of funk and always full of energy.

Guy Raymond (lead guitar)

Guy Raymond looks a little timid at first, but in reality, an bolth explosive and mischievous character is revealed behind the curtain. With a very solid understanding of musicality, he adds his very own mix of spices that reveals the full potential of the sonic universe of a song.

Bands such as Metallica and Black Sabbath are among his first musical influences. Later on, he broadens his horizons by discovering many other genres, ranging from classical music to international folk music. For instance, he's interested in Vivaldi's Four Seasons, to Indian spiritual music as well as the latin music (cuban) from Buena Vista Social Club, etc. He thus mixes rock, blues and folk with quite personal tastes.

His talent finds means for expression when he arrives in Granby. He first starts working with a handfull of songwriting bands. He then joins a band with which he can regular stage time in bars, allowing him to develop his personal style.

Guy Raymond and Eric Alexis met at a show the previous band was giving. But when he composes a guitar solo for one of Eric Alexis' songs, paths finaly cross. Complicity naturaly emerged.

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